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About the Awards

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The Peace Song Awards (recently rebranded from the Global Peace Song Awards or GPSA), is a initiative designed to create awareness about music’s power to inspire and create peace. The 2018 Peace Song Awards …

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Who can enter?

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Our Current PSA Awards are open for entries! (November 9, 2018, thru Nov. 1, 2019).  Winners will be announced February 14th, 2020 (Valentines Day).

Everyone can enter…All Ages, Languages, and Locations are welcome. Submit your most …

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Eligibility guidelines

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Each artist can submit up to 3 songs/works per category on this website beginning on November 9th, 2018.  Entries close on November 1, 2019. ( New original Music, Spoken-Word Poetry, and Music Video creativity produced after 1.1.16. …

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Award Process

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There are up to 10 Song/Music categories, 1 Spoken-Word Poetry piece and 1  peace song video category (a total of up to 12 categories). There are three possible ways to win.

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Important Dates

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2018/2019 Winners will be announced on February 14th, 2019.

Spring 2019 Awards Ceremonies in Los Angeles, CA - Exact date and location TBA


Next year’s awards:

Entries for the awards …

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