About the Awards.

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The Peace Song Awards (recently rebranded from the Global Peace Song Awards or GPSA), is a ProjectPeaceOnEarth.org initiative designed to create awareness about music’s power to inspire and create peace. The 2018 Peace Song Awards (PSA) represents our third annual song and music video contest.

Here,  just below,  is our April 22, 2018, Highlight Reel of our GPSA Awards Ceremonies show and full show, that celebrates the 2017 winners:


Our intent is that the Peace Song Awards will inspire millions to be the change in creating a world of loving peace. Confucius stated, “If one desires to know if a kingdom is well governed if its morals are good or bad, the quality of the music will furnish the answer.” Voltaire said that “Music is the pathway to the heart.” The great Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan held that “Music should be healing, music should uplift the soul, music should inspire; then there is no better way of getting closer to God, of rising higher towards the spirit, of attaining spiritual perfection, than music, if only it is rightly understood.” Towards each of these great truths, we hold that music has the power to inspire love, forgiveness, compassion, and peace.

Many take peace for granted.  We live sheltered lives and know little about the horrors of war that impact children and families on a daily basis.  We believe that if one of us suffers, we all suffer.  We believe that each of us has the power to choose love and create a world of peace. We believe that music can guide the way to peace on earth.

How the awards contest came to be

The Peace Song Awards was the brainchild of Steve Robertson, Founder and CEO of Project Peace on Earth (PPoE).

Steve Robertson & PPoE

Steve founded PPOE for the global promotion and attainment of world peace through globally telecast concerts of sacred music from sacred sites.

In order to make a positive impact on a large-scale, PPoE produces global concerts, musical prayers for peace, and then utilizes event proceeds and charitable donations to fund a wide range of peace initiatives and partnering NGO’s who help bring about real and lasting change.

The PPoE position paper on the subject of how sacred music can affect consciousness and empower spiritual development:

The Healing Power of Music

PPoE’s recent  “2 Unite All” benefit album features a diverse group of famed musicians including Peter Gabriel, The Police’s Stewart Copeland, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Philip Lawrence of Bruno Mars, Thomas Bergersen (2 Billion Youtube hits), Rick Allen of Def Leppard, System of a Down front-man Serj Tankian, 2014 Grammy® Winner Ricky Kej, Richard Gannaway and the NCCR’s Gaza Children’s Choir, Grammy® Award-winning Opera singer Sasha Cooke, Grammy® Award-winning Native American Joanne Shenandoah, Grammy® Award-winning Country Singer/Songwriter Gary Nicholson…a total of 30 famed musicians who came together for a first-of-its-kind music project to deliver urgent humanitarian aid to Gaza and the Middle East.



Project Peace on Earth (PPOE) is a hybrid profit/humanitarian company founded for the global promotion and attainment of peace. To ensure sustainability, the for-profit entity develops and produces events on an annual basis and generating revenues from ticket sales, merchandising, TV/Film development, concert media and licensing agreements.  To make a positive impact on a large-scale, charitable donations are generated and channeled through existing and future PPOE projects and partnering NGO’s who will deploy resources across time zones, borders and cultures to bring about real and lasting change.

Presently, PPOE organizes international peace initiatives that consist of developing and producing inspirationally transformational music concerts and workshops, medical missions, aerial art and fine art events/exhibits, social awareness promotional bus tours and lecture series, cause-oriented high school and college campus awareness/media events, dance performance /events, video and films, social media and engagement activities towards the end goals of:

1) Empowering inner peace through sacred music, inspirational live experiences, spiritually uplifting: writing, videos, practices, and disciplines.

2) Fostering the process of forgiveness and the active realization of interpersonal compassion and with all others.

3) Inspiring the recognition of shared interests, commonalities of goodness and the message of love inherent to all religious/spiritual teachings.

4) Increasing empathy and communication skills through a “walk in the other person’s shoes” experiences.

5) Producing large-scale and worldwide multimedia events that utilize perennial wisdom to evoke the humanitarian, political and spiritual realization that  “All Are One and Lovingly Connected”.

To view the achievements of Project Peace on Earth to date, click here.